Phil Schoepke

Phil Schoepke is an experienced Senior Operations Consultant who assists 
KeyRock clients attain operational excellence. Throughout his 20-year career, Phil 
has defined and led major initiatives in a broad range of industries and companies, 
from Fortune 50 to small start-up entities. During the first decade of his consulting 
career, Phil was a consultant and partner with Pittiglio Rabin Todd and McGrath, a 
highly regarded Operations Consulting firm that was acquired by PwC Consulting. 
Subsequent to the acquisition, Phil spent seven years as an independent 
consultant, after which he joined Global Productivity Solutions as their Managing 
Partner for three years before returning again to independent consulting.
Phil’s knowledge base spans a variety of industries that includes food and 
beverage, personal care, lighting, building products, equipment rental, chemicals, 
aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, medical diagnostics, power, plastics, and 
textiles industries. Key areas of expertise include supply chain management, 
operations strategy, procurement management and strategic sourcing, systems 
strategy and implementation, product development effectiveness, and 
project management.
In a notable recent 3-year engagement, Phil led one of the largest Food and 
Beverage companies through a supply chain productivity improvement initiative. 
Phil guided the client in realizing improvement across the supply chain, from 
suppliers of food ingredients to big box customers. The project included the 
redesign of both inbound (from suppliers) and outbound (to retailers) logistics and 
transportation networks, leading to multi-million dollar cost reduction with 
increased customer satisfaction.
Prior to his consulting career, Phil worked with Polaroid Corporation, where he 
utilized technical skills and was awarded multiple patents in the areas of film 
imaging research, graphic arts, and medical diagnostics.
Phil holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Bucknell 
University, a Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the 
University of Massachusetts, and an MBA from the University Of Chicago Booth 
School Of Business.