Todd H. Becker

Todd Becker is a founding partner of KeyRock with over 25 years of consulting, finance and operating experience in technology companies. He began his career in smart technologies when he joined Texas Instruments. Todd was one of TI’s first sales engineers for a revolutionary new product – the digital signal processor. DSP chips are the “brains” of every smart device out there, from mobile phones, to flying drones, and even self driving cars.

As a successful entrepreneur, executive, management consultant, and early stage investor, Todd has helped to launch, grow or transform numerous technology businesses, including six based on what is now known as machine-to-machine or internet-of-things technology (IoT). Currently Todd is the Chief Operating Officer of a new joint venture called Yankee Candle Scent Systems, which is deploying remotely managed, intelligent scent diffusers that help retailers and service companies integrate scent into their brand management programs.

After helping many clients and engineering professionals transition to the world of digital technology, Todd returned to school, earning masters degrees in Business and Electrical Engineering at MIT as a Leaders for Global Operations fellow. Since then, Todd’s professional pursuits have involved building or improving businesses using networked computer technology. Previously, Todd also worked as a consultant and principal of PRTM, a leading operations and product development consulting firm, now part of Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Todd is an Electrical Engineer from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and holds two Masters Degrees from MIT, an MS in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. He was a Registered Representative with broker/dealer affiliate, Southport Partners LLC.