The third wave of
information technology
is upon us.
Will you catch it?

It‘s big and it‘s fast. The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to eclipse the rate of economic growth brought by both the Industrial Age and the Computer Age combined. At KeyRock, we have proven and patented processes to get your business on this third wave. The wave which will carry your business into the future.

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From discovery to launch, we do it all.

There are companies that help you raise capital. Ones that help you cut costs. Ones that develop IoT solutions. Or help you go to market. But there’s only one company that covers all the bases so you don’t have to take your eyes off your core business. We deliver strategic insights, play critical roles, and bring world class expertise that compliments your organization. Here’s a snapshot of how our process works:

Executive Management
ConsultingTrademarks & PatentsFinancing
  • Develop Ideas
  • Assess Market Need
  • Determine Feasibility
  • Create Business Plan



  • Where to Invent
  • What to Invent
  • What to Claim
  • How to File
  • Create Specifications
  • Develop Prototype
  • Confirm Performance
  • Validate Market Need



  • Ensure Capacity
  • Develop Go-To-Market
  • Expand Distribution
  • Acquire Talent
  • Manage Costs/Margin

It’s time to step up and
connect directly to your
customers’ hearts & minds

The proliferation of technology in the digital, mobile, social, and device space provides new opportunities to accelerate revenue growth with better consumer insight. How to use digital channels effectively to engage in direct to consumer (D2C) marketing is about using leading technology combined with compelling messaging to achieve strategic business goals.

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No one understands the potential power of D2C better than KeyRock

Keyrock constantly works with our companies and clients to leverage new technologies. Our experienced team combines rock solid business acumen along with deep understanding of the landscape—digital, mobile and social—to help our clients leverage D2C opportunities and re-energize their businesses.

  • Explore
  • Purchase
  • Receive
  • Use
  • Replenish
  • Service



  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Digital
  • Device
  • Voice
  • People
  • Process
  • Infrastructure
  • Content/Creative
  • Analytics



  • Go-To-Market
  • Media
  • Channel
  • Competitive
  • Technology

Nobody has the end-to-end experience like KeyRock.

The idea behind KeyRock was to bring together a unique collection of executives, at the top of their respective fields, to offer clients one resource for identifying, designing, funding and executing appropriate and breakthrough growth opportunities. We have the proven talent necessary for accomplishing this ambitious goal, as you can see in our bios below.